The game of roulette has many numbers on which players place bets. They all hope that the ball will settle on their number, so they can win. But is there a number which hits frequently?

Which numbers hit most often?

Experiments carried out by people, who spin the wheel even a million times, show that the most frequent number may hit 14 times out of a million. That is a very low percentage to bet on.

Numbers which appeared most frequently in the experiment

If the low percentage is good enough for you, then numbers like 20,5,29 and 2 appeared most frequently in a simulation of 1.3 trillion spins. You may place you bet on any of them next time.

Why these numbers are hotter than the others

The numbers above were hotter because they appeared 15 to 12times. This is not much difference since the other numbers also appeared 8 to 11 times per million. The hits are summarized below.

  • The number 20 appeared 15 times
  • The number 5 appeared 14 times
  • Th number 29 appeared 13 times
  • The number 2 appeared 12 times

So is any number with 2 in it lucky?

Saying that a number containing 2 is likely to be lucky is a really wild assertion. Yes, 2 appears three times out of four in the list above. You can bet on that and see.

Since working with the most frequent hits is not too reliable, you should stick with what you believe is your lucky number. If you just don't know, then you may choose to place a 2 somewhere.

Does betting on the same number increase your chances?

Not really. The probability of a number hitting in roulette in 1/36, since there are a total of 36 numbers to bet on. This probability doesn't change whether you bet 100 times. It's win or lose.

How is roulette played?

Roulette is a wheel divided into 36 numbered parts. You place your bet then a ball is placed on the wheel. It is spun and when it stops, the ball lands on a lucky winning number.

  • Any of the 36 numbers can hit
  • Those who place bets on unlucky numbers lose.

Are chances of winning in roulette higher than in other betting games?

It is higher in some cases and lower than in others. If you bet on a single football match, your chances of winning are 1/3 (win, draw or lose). This is higher than in roulette.

Should I look for the numbers which have won frequently in the past?

This is the worst possible assumption. That a number has won for others doesn't meant it will win for you. The short answer to this is no. If you do win, it is simple luck.

What is the reliable strategy then?

The most reliable strategy in the game of roulette is to pick your number and bet on it. However, until another experiment comes along, you can pick a number with a 2 in it.

Like in other betting games, the house always has an advantage in roulette. All the bets that lose go to the house. The house pays the winner and keeps the rest. Just pray That you win.

Does playing frequently increase your chances of winning?

No it does not. It is a simple matter of probability. If you play twice, or three times, your chances of winning each time is 1/36, nothing changes there. Each time you lose, the house wins.

The most realistic way of increasing your chances is to place more than one bet on a single game. With two or three bets, your chances double or triple as illustrated below.

  • Two bets decrease your odds to 1/18 thus doubling your chances of winning
  • Three bets decrease your odds to 1/12 tripling your chances.

Unfortunately, the house is aware of your improved chances, so they reduce your win by the amount of the other bets. You get less in the process, but at least you win something, if you win.

So there is no way you can guarantee a win?

You can't guarantee a win. If you could, it would not be betting. Roulette is a game of chance. You can win or lose. The house runs the table knowing that you are likely to lose.

The objective of playing the game is to take your chances and see if you will win anything. The fact that it is difficult to win makes it more thrilling when you do.

Those who play roulette to win usually end up in ruin. Those who play for the fun and the high adrenaline it generates, will be sure to have lots of fun. Then they will win eventually.